We offer consulting services to help you implement

a coherent and efficient
information security strategy

Information security consulting

Securing your digital assets

We offer consulting services for the implementation of a coherent and efficient security strategy for your company.
Structured in 5 complementary services, our range of security consulting services offers you a 360-degree vision in favor of the security of your digital assets.

information security strategy

Why choose Synovo to help you
in your security strategy?

  • certification

    Synovo Group is ISO 27001 and Health Data Host (HDS) certified

  • securite

    Expert security consultant, certified “ISO 27001 Lead Implementer” and “Certified Data Protection Officer

  • service_surmesure

    A tailor-made service,
    adapted to your needs

  • securisation

    Services to secure your IT infrastructure

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Securing your data and assets

Why implement an information security strategy?

At a time when IT risks and threats are increasingly present in the work environment, the implementation of an information security strategy has become essential.

However, securing one’s infrastructure (and more generally one’s information assets) is complex, since it requires a great capacity to analyze the existing situation, but also technical, organizational and legal skills.

By entrusting the security of your information to Synovo IT Solutions, you will free yourself from technical constraints and will benefit from advice and support in :

  • The evaluation of the security level of your Information System
  • The identification of internal and external risks
  • The security of your data
  • The adjustment or implementation of security standards

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