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The greatest care to the
protection of your data

Data center

ISO 27001 certified

In order to allow you to work as efficiently as possible, without fear of losing information, Synovo IT Solutions takes great care in protecting your data.

All our customers’ data is hosted in Data Centers located in France.

Data center

State-of-the-art technology for maximum security

  • alimentation_electrique

    Redundant power supply

  • groupe_electrogene

    Electric generators ensuring a total independence

  • climatisation

    Double air conditioning

  • anti_incendie

    Fire prevention

  • camera

    More than 300 cameras on the various locations

  • equipe_ingenieurs

    24-hour on-site surveillance

  • gtro

    8 separate access providers

  • gtr

    24/7 supervision

  • securite

    5 different access controls

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